Skin Pass Mill


4-Hi Non-Reversing Skin Pass Mill (Supplier:- Daneili Wean United-Italy): 4-Hi Single stand skin pass mill (SPM) is operating with in-line coil preparation station and coil diameter and width measuring system so that the lift of the coil car and its travel is automatically regulated to insert the coil onto the pay-off-reel (POR) centrally. Beside automatic center position control (CPC) at the POR, quirk roll change device, hydraulic roll force cylinders, necessary hydraulic crown forming devices etc. are incorporated in the mill. The modern practice of wet temper rolling is being followed in which a temper agent solution is sprayed at the entry side of the mill during rolling, is installed. A blow-off system is also provided to clean the strip.

Technical specifications

  • ELONGATION 0.3‐6.0%
  • STRIP THICKNESS : 0.13‐3.0 MM
  • STRIP WIDTH : 700‐1380 MM
  • MILL SPEED : 400 MPM

Special Features:

Back-up Roll Driven Mill, which ensures uniform flatness and end reduction throughout strip length.
Mill is capable to run in dry or wet conditions to avoid any pick-up or dirt mark on the coil.
Online Tension Levelling ensures strip having no shape defects such as coil set, cross bow, twist, Centre buckle or edge waviness.
Electro-Static oiling ensures uniform application of rust preventive on both sides of the strip.