Elextro-Discharge Texturing (EDT) Machine


Elextro - Discharge Texturing (EDT) Machine (Supplier:- M/s Waldrich – Germany): EDT is a specialized texturing process which is developed to replace conventional shot blasting utilized to texture work rolls to specified surface finishes. The EDT process consists of discharging a series of arcs through electrodes onto the surface of the work roll. Control is fully automated and maintained by submerging the electrodes in a light oil or "dielectric fluid." The electric discharge results in the roll surface.

The work rolls of skin pass mill have need to be texturized to produce good quality matt finished strips. EDT machines gives a very consistent textured surface and is less polluting. EDT ensures an ideal combination of roughness parameters e.g. Ra, Rz, Rmax , Rpc, Wca etc. which allow better DOI (Distinction of image).

Technical specifications

Capacity: Upto 600 textured rolls per month
Flexibility: Different roll sizes can be textured without any major time consuming set-up measures.
Machine size(mm): 9300(l) x 2300(w) x 2600(h)
Barrel length(mm): Max. 2,500
Number of electrodes: upto 34