Electrolytic Cleaning Line


Electrolytic Cleaning Line (Supplier: Esmech Equipment Pvt. Ltd. - India): The Electrolytic Cleaning Line washes the surface of Cold Rolled Coil that carries along residual lubricating oil as well as iron fines that produced as a result of friction between roll surface and coil while processing of coil at 6HI Mill. The Coils are cleaned electrochemically in order to produce a strip devoid of residual oil & iron fines. In addition, the coils get wound at reduced inter-wrap tension in order to eliminate any chances of sticker formation in subsequent process.

Technical specifications

  • SPEED : MAX 200 MPM
  • STRIP THICKNESS : 0.13 – 3.0 MM
  • STRIP WIDTH : 700‐1380 MM

Special Features:

Cleans Strip surface which facilitates soot free surface.
Residual Oil remains less than 20 mg/mt2 both sides.
Iron fines remains less than 15 mg/mt2 both sides.