Cut To Length


Cut To Length (Supplier:- Daehwa Industrial Machinery Company - South Korea): The Cut to length line is equipped with six high roller levelers & rotary share to produce sheets having table-top flatness and very close length tolerances. We can maintain length tolerance with in one millimeter or below. The Line is also equipped with automatic stacker in order to ensure book like bundling of the sheets.

Technical specifications

  • Line speed: Max. 100 m/min
  • Shearing capacity: Max 135 cuts/min at any thickness
  • Length of cut sheets: 400 – 6000 mm.
  • Speed and tension control : AC controlled.

Special Features:

Simultaneous Slitting & Cropping is possible
6-HI Levelers ensures table-top flatness with almost zero diagonal variation.
Line is efficient to perform Oiling of sheets.